Message From CEO

Dear Valued Students and Clients, A very warm and cordial welcome to Shakil Education Group and Shakil Education Group.

We have successfully remained committed to our valued customers and students throughout the whole period since 2007 with promises we have made to them. We are experienced and stay always updated about our business areas, and come up with the right solutions for our students and clients. We are more than good at understanding customers’ needs and allocate the exact service they are looking for.

We make sure that our students are in the right language program, and our clients are choosing the right program, university and country based on their profile. Our professionalism coupled with a strong personal approach enhances the probability of success at every step. Moreover, our counselors are empowered with the final authority and flexibility to deal with each client’s requirements. Furthermore, in our commitment to finding the best match, we customize our approaches, systems, and processes not from client to client, all the while keeping underlying principles firm. As a result, we can assure a great output being very specific. To ensure success, we see the terms from the client’s perspective and screen the overall feasibility. So, if you are wishing to give wings to your dream of international education or migration or learning foreign languages then pay us a visit at your ease.

At the end of the day, it’s not a case file we add, but a member to our extended family. So, you are welcomed to be the next integral part of our family.

Kind regards,
Asaduszzaman Shakil
Founder & CEO