About Us

Company Milestones

Shakil Study & Migration (SSM) is a government registered education consulting firm, with the head office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our present day existence of SSM is the result of a well-cherished dream of philanthropist Asaduszzaman Shakil (Owner and CEO of SSM). He started his career as an education counsellor in a consulting firm back in 2007. It did not take a long time for Mr. Shakil to anticipate the potential future of education consultancy business in Bangladesh. Further, for him, education consultancy is an area where potential students can be served with both sincerity and care. So, leaving the previous job, Mr. Shakil started his own business endeavor called Shakil Study & Migration in the same year 2007. Later, in 2015, SSM added a language centre called Shakil Language Centre. English and German languages are taught in this language centre. Further, in 2017, SSM added another sister concern called Shakil Research & Development (SRD). SRD is a higher education research centre.

Why Choose SSM?

Shakil Study and Migration (SSM) is the country's most reliable and diversified consultancy firm. This is the only firm in the country which deals with the universities from all continents at a time. Our unremitting efforts in providing the best service have enabled hundreds of students and professionals to study abroad and settle down there. We are committed forever to satisfying our clients by enlightening them with the proper knowledge to build up a career in developed countries.

SSM holds a very strong team which is considerably informative about the detail of university programs and utterly skilled in finding the best match based on the students' need. The consultants of SSM are all internationally certified to provide consultation to the students seeking a suitable international study program. Our expert consultants have successfully accomplished some worldly recognized student counseling courses such as ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC), UK Education Student Counselor Training, ICEF Irish Education Agents Course (IEAC) etc.

We can provide the highest guarantee to place a student/client in a particular program because we accept files from students/clients only when their profile is best matched with their intended program. Till now, we enjoy more than 90% success rate.

SSM is a one stop service center. We provide our students with a broad range of services for higher study in a foreign country, starting from IELTS course preparation and ending with Permanent Residency pathway guideline. We believe our students as family members and we treat them with utmost concern. We are uncompromising to our family members' slightest dissatisfaction.

With the aim of turning Bangladeshi students and professionals into global citizens, SSM has been successful in its journey to smoothen foreign study experience for a great number of students. The organization is always determined to provide continuous support to our clients.

How SSM Works?

We are committed to demonstrating a high standard of ‘duty of care’ towards students and, as a minimum, should provide:

 Realistic guidelines on what and where to study based on students' qualifications and demands
 Potential students with necessary and accurate information about available courses that meet student's personal and educational objectives,
 Information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of a particular study so that students can make an informed decision,
 Assistance in preparing the complete application starting from CV making guideline to outlining on SOP writing,
 assurance that students' information is treated confidentially and carefully
 Pre-departure assistance such as the arrangement of flights, and introductory presentation on the destination's laws and culture, and environment.
 Post-departure service that includes managing accommodation, guidelines on how to spend the first few weeks overseas.
 Experienced and skilled teachers for the students at all levels of our language program
 Adequate number of classes to effectively accomplish a particular level
 Enough materials required to complete their daily study at home
 Language club facility to practice newly learned word, phrases, sentences and structures
 Regular assessment test to evaluate students' progress
 Special care to the students who are struggling despite trying hard .

Mission and Vision

Since the inception, our mission is to make world-class international education accessible to the aspirant students. Following our commitment, throughout the year, we have been maintaining our business collaboration with the renowned education providing institutions around the globe. Likely, we invest our precious time and effort to stay undated continuously with the new education policy and immigration law of the countries we do business with. Our knowledge is the strength of our clients. We help our clients to strengthen their skill so that they can contribute in social, economic, and political betterment not only locally but also globally.

Shakil Study and Migration envisions to be the world's most trustworthy, reliant and convenient education and migration consultancy firm. We look forward to making future education including virtual education accessible to all students irrespective of nations, race and religion. We will facilitate students' adaptability process with futuristic education system and overcome the current complexity present in consultancy by introducing 100% transparency in operation. We aim to make our policies congruent to the principles of internationally recognized authorities such as London Statement, QAA-UK, UK-CISA, British Council, AIRC, NACAC, TQSA, NZQA, Education Canada, Language Quality Assurance, OFQUAL and so on.

Our Achievements

We feel proud and content to vocalize that we have successfully fetched the best study options to thousands of students and smoothened the immigration process for quite a large number of aspirants. Our success rate in processing admissions in international universities is more than 97%, whereas it is around 91% in case of immigration process. Last semester, 100% students who relied on our guidance for admission in German universities got their place secured in tuition free English taught programs. We also achieved envious results in finalizing admissions in Canadian, Australian and UK universities: 95%, 93% and 92% respectively.

Apart from our service, we have been continuously achieving international recognitions. Two of our expert counselors have recently been officially recognized by British Council as fully qualified Agents who possess the right to provide guidance to the probable students for admission in the universities of UK, USA, Ireland, Australia etc. The number of such competent counselors in Bangladesh is only four.

Our Language Centre
We are presently offering a number of English and German languages courses and we are looking forward to including some other language programs in our portfolio. We use experimental student friendly materials for learning and employ qualified and experienced instructors to ensure the best quality in teaching learning experience. We follow scientific methods in teaching and are very meticulous in meeting up specific needs of the students. Shakil language center is country's one of the few institutions focusing on multiple language learning at a time.
Shakil Research and Development Center
Shakil Research and Development Center (SRDC) aims to consistently analyze the impact of foreign education on the economy and culture of Bangladesh, and periodically publish articles and research papers in order to assist country's policy makers in designing better plans so that our country can enjoy the best result out of it. The topics may derived from various field of studies: economics, science and development, culture and environment, and so on. Bangladesh is certainly going to mark its place in world economy, SRDC is ambitious to be a stepping layer in the ladder required to reach that position.
Our Services


The selection of a college/university has many long-term impacts on a student life. We ensure that students achieve their long-cherished goals of studying abroad without any obstacle. We help students to choose the best fitted subject and college/university for fulfilling their future goal after assessing their previous educational background. Moreover, we pay special attention to our clients' application. We keep up-to-date information which is essential to submit a well-presented and error free application. Any student can get admission with our help if they meet all the requirements.


As an education consultancy firm we are very much aware of our service rights and restrictions. By keeping in mind about our limitations, we help our clients in the entire visa process such as filling up applications, translating documents, sending files through courier, preparing financial statements, providing guidance and training for mock interviews and much more without contravening the immigration laws of the respective country. Students will get every kind of help from us to submit their papers properly to get the visa for their desired country.


We guide through and refer our clients to the various immigration program options which they can utilize after completing their education. The long-time experience has enabled us to know about the legal procedures of becoming migrant to developed countries. Selection of right program at the right university often plays an important role in this regard. We suggest our clients accordingly so that they can engage themselves in a career that is highly demanded in the respective country. A relevant degree and an experience of substantial years dramatically increase the probability of immigration.

Our Team

We hold one of the strongest teams in the country in providing the right consultancy and language teachings to the prospective students and immigrants. Our team comprises an understanding leader, effective managers, experienced teachers and counsellors, and agile executives. Synergistic output is ensured in our organization by combining individuals' skills. We always keep ourselves updated by attending trainings and workshops.
The departments are closely connected and the people are very cooperative, hence our delivery is fast and smooth. We evaluate each other continuously and help each other to overcome the skills where we are lagging behind. Team work is the key to organization's success and customers' satisfaction, and we believe in and practice on it.

Asaduszzaman Shakil


Asaduszzaman Shakil, the founder and the CEO, is an internationally certified education agent and a top ranking counsellor.

Sonia Asad

Managing Director

Sonia Akter, the Managing Director, has been successfully leading her team with excellent managerial skills for the last four years.

Mahmudul Hasan

Admin Manager

Mahmudul Hasan, the Admin Manger, is in the responsibility of keeping our backbone stand strong. Through his dedication and timely actions, he confirms that all the departments get administrative tools at the right time to function smoothly and at the optimum level.

Jahirul Islam

Senior Language Instructor

Mohammad Jahirul Islam has been carrying responsibilities of the Head of Language Department. He is very popular among his students because of his usage of easy language and elaborate examples to clarify complex theories and concepts.

Shariful Islam

Chief of Marketing Manager

Shairful Islam is our Business Development Manager, playing the key role in the company's overall growth. Acquiring excellent communication skills, he fetches new opportunities for our students by skillfully negotiating with international universities and other stake holders.

Khandakar Rofiqul Islam

Business Developer

Khandaker Rafiqul Islam, a Business Developer of Shakil Education Group, is continuously providing accurate and precise answers to thousands of queries from the students of our country.

Tamanna Jahan

ESL Trainer

Tamanna Jahan is a CELTA certified English Language trainer. She belongs to the rare group of teachers of Bangladesh who has the quality of combined learning where learning becomes more interactive rather than just a one-way interface. She has completed her CELTA from the University of Cambridge under the supervision of the British Council, Dhaka. Currently, she is holding the position of “ESL Trainer” at the Language Centre of Shakil Education Group.


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