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We are not working for Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Cyprus, Austria, Japan, South Korea, China, Malta, or New Zealand student visas. But we will start soon. Now we are taking files for the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and Italy Important: We don't have any Service Charge for the student visas of UK, Canada & AUSTRALIA.


Who doesn't want to get settled down in a country of one's choice in the current world of globalization? A better home in one of the developed countries is just a few steps away once you are done with your graduation from the respective country. The most interesting and worthy fact is that every developed nation value their own education system and they provide extra preference an applicant's higher degree from the host nation while evaluating permanent residency eligibility. After completing higher study, any graduate can easily become a valued citizen of the country where they are graduated from. However, it requires some of preparation from the earlier stages.

Anybody interested in migration after study must be selective in choosing a good program, university, and state. Here, SSM differs from others by providing the most accurate information and assisting students in preparing themselves to be qualified as successful applicant. With the extensive knowledge we have acquired along the journey, we know ahead of time which types of workforce a particular country/state is looking for their economy in the future. Hence, we can suggest our clients to prepare themselves accordingly and make them fitted within the allocated time.

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Dear Valued Students and Clients, A very warm and cordial welcome to SHAKIL STUDY AND MIGRATION and SHAKIL LANGUAGE CENTER.

We have successfully remained committed to our valued customers and students throughout the whole period since 2007 with promises we have made to them. We are experienced and stay always updated about our business areas, and come up with the right solutions to our students and clients. We are more than good at understanding customers' needs and allocate the exact service they are looking for.
We make sure that our students are in the right language program, and our clients are Read More...

Why Choose SSM?

Shakil Study and Migration (SSM) is the country's most reliable and diversified consultancy firm. This is the only firm in the country which deals with the universities from all continents at a time. Our unremitting efforts in providing the best service have enabled hundreds of students and professionals to study abroad and settle down there. We are committed forever to satisfying our clients by enlightening them with the proper knowledge to build up a career in developed countries.

SSM holds a very strong team which is considerably informative about the detail of university programs and utterly skilled in finding the best match based on the students' need. The consultants of SSM are all internationally certified to provide consultation to the students seeking a suitable international study program. Our expert consultants have successfully accomplished some worldly recognized student counseling courses such as ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC), UK Education Student Counselor Training, ICEF Irish Education Agents Course (IEAC) etc.


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    Shakil Edu. is very fantastic. I think there services is best around educational sections.
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    I'm William Smith. Shakil Edu is the very trustful. They are very helpful & provide best services ever.
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